8 Simple Winter Car Care Tips

The last thing you need to worry about this winter is car troubles. We have 8 simples winter car care tips sourced from autotrader.com that will help keep your Yonkers vehicle running smooth all winter long.

  • Lighting. Winter means less sunshine which means less light. Check all lighting (exterior and interior) to be certain they are working effectively and shining bright. Replace any dim or broken lighting, and consider replacing your headlights if you are unable to get a clear view out of them. In the mornings, clear any snow that may have settled on your headlights and/or brake lights before beginning your commute.
  • Battery. It is harder for your battery to operate in colder temperatures. A weak summer battery could end up a dead battery during winter. Have your battery volts tested to see if replacement is necessary. If required, buy a battery for back up sooner rather than later. The last thing you want is to be stranded in the cold with a car that won’t start.
  • Coolant. A.K.A. liquid catalyst is crucial during winter because it keeps your motor from solidifying in frost bearing temperatures. Have your coolant level and any signs of cracks in your motor, that could lead to potential leaking, checked. Many mechanics suggest a 50/50 blend of coolant and water in radiators.
  • Gasoline & Washer Fluid. Keep fluids full. A full gas tank will decrease the accumulation of water that has potential to freeze inside your fuel pump. Plus, your running engine will help keep you warm if stuck on the road. Keeping your washer fluid full will ensure you can still see the road ahead despite the debris and snow being tossed onto your windshield.
  • Tires. If the temperature drops below 45 degrees, winter tires are a necessity. Woody Rogers, chief of item data for Tire Rack states that winter tires are more fit for staying adaptable at low temperatures.
  • Tire Pressure. Staying on top of your tire pressure is important all year long, but especially during temperature drops, because the air pressure can drop along with the decreasing temperature. Driving on low tire pressure could wear out the tire prematurely or cause tread separation, which in return could lead to a serious accident.
  • Defroster & Climate Control. Make sure everything is in working order. Your defroster will prevent your windows from icing while your inside climate keeps you warm while commuting.
  • Survival Kit. Should you get stranded, a medical kit, jumper cables, cell phone charger that will charge in your cigarette lighter, a shovel for snow removal, electric lamp, a blanket, and a blade can help you stay safe until help arrives.
  • Winter can be just as harsh on our car as it is for us. If it’s time to trade in for a new car, come on out to see us and get into a Carfax-certified, quality preowned vehicle today before winter arrives.

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