Best Used Car for Your Family

There are many suitable vehicle types to choose for your family but knowing which is best and serves the needs of everyone in the family is necessary. You do not want to get stuck with a family car no one likes, not even your dog. A good way to know which vehicle type is best for your family is by having a look at the features.

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This is a best-used car for a family of 5 in love with camping and touring or countryside sightseeing. With its towing capacity, your family can tow a boat or a camper for your next holiday beaching or tour.


Say you always go extended or you have a family size that exceeds five in number, your best bet would be a minivan because it seats 8 passengers on three rows. However, even if your family size is four or three, there is nothing wrong with having an additional cargo space – that is what a minivan provides that a truck does not; an additional cargo space that can be introduced by folding the seats on the last row flat. Towing is also an added advantage of the minivan. Therefore, if you need a three-for-one offer (cargo space, large seating capacity, and towing capability), this is the best-used car for your family.

Sports Utility Vehicles

Also known as SUVs, you can select between a five-seater across two rows or a seven-seater across three rows; choosing the former would be sacrificing seats for more cargo space, and choosing the latter would be sacrificing cargo space for more seats. SUVs tow and haul too but you cannot compare their capacity to do these with the capacity of a truck.

Sedans, Coupe, Hatchback

These are compact used cars best available for your family if your family travels light and/or needs a “portable” car for daily drives. In this category, a hatchback offers you compact while serving you good cargo space.

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