Breaking the Veil on Used Car Myths

November 11th, 2022 by

MYTH: Clunkers Galore

Just because cars get traded in does not mean that they are defective or inferior in any way. People often trade in pristine vehicles when their lifestyles change, and in turn, are forced to exchange their modes of transportation. Expanding families may opt to swap their reliable sedans for roomier rides such as SUVs or minivans to accommodate evolving needs. Or, perhaps an elderly person owns a car that has only been driven sporadically and maintained impeccably, but he or she must stop driving due to declining health. 
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MYTH: Overpriced

Since a new car is no longer branded as new once it makes its departure from the dealership, its worth immediately declines. Pre-owned vehicles do not lose their value to the same extent and as quickly as new automobiles do. When buying a used car, you will be spared from experiencing this degree of a financially devastating plunge. 

MYTH: Cash Only

Be wary if a dealership insists that only cash is accepted for the purchase of a car. Reputable dealerships offer drivers a number of options in terms of financing that are geared toward the customers’ particular monetary circumstances. You may even be offered various incentives for the purpose of encouraging you to utilize in-house financing which produces a twofold result. This approach provides the customer with perks and also gains business for the dealership. 

MYTH: No Guarantees Ever

A commonly held false belief is that used automobiles do not ever come attached to any kind of warranty. An impressive number of car dealerships will honor manufacturer warranties for pre-owned vehicles so that buyers have security and peace of mind. You may be furnished with a warranty that spans over 10 years or 100,000 miles, depending on whichever comes first.

MYTH: Low Resale Values

The resale value of identical makes and models of pre-loved vehicles varies tremendously. By taking good care of your car on the inside, outside, and in terms of its engine and all other mechanisms, you may be pleasantly surprised to be handed more money than you had expected upon its sale. 

MYTH: Better Deals Online

Shopping for a pre-owned car online may seem simple, and convenient, and advertise lower prices. However, nothing can take the place of having a vehicle physically in front of you for close examination. This way, you have the benefit of seeing and feeling exactly what you are getting in terms of overall appearance, passenger comfort, and how the car handles on the road. 

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