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A little bit of tender loving care can keep your preowned car looking great well into the future. If you don’t live in a harsh climate with salt spray or extreme temperatures, your finish can be maintained for years. Here’s a few tips for keeping your car in top-looking condition:

Wash and Wax — Wash your car regularly to remove dirt and debris. Depending on where you live, rain can also contain contaminants that can damage your car’s finish, so don’t count on the rain to keep your car clean. Also, give the car a good wax twice per year or more depending on where you live. The liquid car waxes offered by your local car wash place aren’t a good substitute for a proper hand wax. Take the time to do it right, and the finish will last. You can use tire shine spray if you want, just spray it on and wipe off the excess. Most important for tires is to maintain proper tire pressures year around.

Consider rustproofing — If you live in harsh climates where a lot of salt is used, or live near the ocean or salt water where salt spray occurs, you may wish to consider having the car rustproofed. The important thing is to have the underside of the car, the bottoms of the doors and lower fenders, and the inside of the trunk lid are sprayed properly. Avoid treatments where they drill holes in the car, this may not help and can allow water to get inside the body areas.

Keep the touch-up paint around — Your dealer can help you get touch-up paint that matches your body color. There is also a paint code on the manufacturer’s label, often found on the door frame on the driver’s door. New paints consist of a base and clear coat, so the pen may have two sides, one for the base color you apply first, and then a clear coat added after the base coat dries.

Touch-up whenever you see bare metal — Stone chips, scratches, and other damage can occur that will expose bare metal to the air. These spots and scratches can start to rust quickly, causing a more elaborate repair, and eventually damaging the car body if ignored. Give your car exterior a look on a regular basis, particularly after it’s been washed. Touch-up any areas where the bare metal has been exposed, and your car will last a lot longer.

Remove paint marks from other cars — Other people may not be as careful as you are, and will bump your car with their car doors. This can leave a paint mark on the clear coat of your car. This won’t rust, but it looks unsightly and can usually be removed with relative ease. First, gently remove the mark with a waterproof 2000-3000 grit sandpaper and water to wet sand the mark. This has a very fine abrasive but work carefully so you don’t wear away the clear coat on your car. When the mark is removed, take a mild polishing wax that contains a very fine abrasive and carefully wax the area to restore the shine in your clear coat.

Polish your headlights — Over time, plastic headlight covers can become cloudy, reducing your visibility. You can polish them using a process similar to removing paint marks. First use masking tape to cover any parts of the car around the headlights — you want to polish the headlights, not your car. Then use water and fine sandpaper to wet sand the headlight lenses. Wipe them dry, then use a fine polishing wax to make them shine. They will look as good as new.

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