Is Your Yonkers Vehicle Ready for Winter?

With winter upon us, we’re facing snowstorms, black ice, rain, hail, sleet, and more. In order to keep yourself, your family, and everyone else on the road as safe as possible, it’s vital to ensure your Yonkers vehicle is ready to withstand all types of weather and hazards you may encounter on the roads during these next several months. All of us at Yonkers Automall did the hard work for you and put together a guide to help you prep your vehicle!

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First-Time Car Buyer? Tips to Get Through the Process

Buying a vehicle can be a daunting task, especially when doing so for the first time. Between deciding the right kind of vehicle for your needs and sorting out all of the financing, a vehicle purchase is a comprehensive process that demands a high attention to detail. Nonetheless, this process can be streamlined and made smooth if a few simple steps are followed.

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Bad Credit? Don’t Worry, Yonkers Automall Has You Covered!

If you need a vehicle and your credit is less than acceptable, you may find many dealers will turn you down for financing. If you come to Yonkers Automall you will be treated with the same respect as a customer with stellar credit. We understand people develop poor credit for a lot of different reasons, and we want to help you restore your credit with financing from us!

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Six Reasons to Learn to Driving Stick in Yonkers, NY

Learning to drive a stick shift may seem unnecessary, considering less than 3 percent of new cars and trucks are made with a manual transmission, but this skill is actually valuable to have to this day. If you are considering learning to drive stick, or are teaching your child to drive, the following six points are just some of the reasons to learn how to drive a stick.

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