Best Pre-Owned SUVs on a Budget

Vehicles hit their strides at different times and sometimes they pick up greater value after their initial release. Many of the best SUVs can be found for under $10,000 and frequently feature the same options available on brand-new vehicles that sell for five times that. Let’s take a look at the best deals out there.

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Used Cars To Put On Your Shopping List

It’s the time of year again where people all across the country and all throughout the world are making out holiday lists and giving each other gift ideas. But what about getting yourself a little present this holiday season as well? And maybe one that is long overdue. Perhaps you are getting tired of driving that old beater around to all of those office parties and family get-togethers in this bad weather.

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The Best Used Winter Vehicles

Driving is already a dangerous enough task. With gridlocked traffic, frustrated and impatient drivers, people busy talking and texting when they should be paying attention to the roads, and the numerous other distractions out there, sometimes it’s all a person can do to avoid getting into an accident. Every day there is a story on the news, or we hear though a co-worker or friend about some tragic event involving distracted or aggressive drivers.

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Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

As the fall season prepares to slip away and the cold winter months rapidly approach, one chore that is often overlooked is that of preparing your car or truck for the coming weather and temperature changes. The team at Yonkers Automall want you to know what area of your automobile needs to be inspected before the last season of the year:

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