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Car Financing FAQ

Yonkers Car Finance | New York Preowned Dealer

Yonkers Automall has many used vehicles to choose from. Once you find the perfect vehicle, take advantage of our in-house used car finance option for used vehicles. Financing can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Here is a bit of information about financing your used car.

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Top 5 Benefits of In-House Financing

Bronx In-House Financing | White Plains Preowned Car Dealer

Looking to finance that sporty little speedster you’ve been eyeing for the past few months? While there are a great many financing options available to you as a prospective car buyer, why not make the process as simple as possible? Eliminate the middleman and third-party financers with in-house financing from Yonkers Automall! Why choose to finance with us? Here’s the five biggest benefits of the in-house used car finance option.

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Are You In Your 20’s? Find How Much You Should Pay For A Car

Bronx Buying a Vehicle | Mt Vernon Preowned Car Dealer

Purchasing a car is quite a thrilling event, as pretty much every 20-something out there will attest to. Whether it’s your first, second, or seventh vehicle, buying a new or preowned car in your 20s is virtually a given. The purchase is always an important one, and should be approached wisely.

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Why Buy at Yonkers Automall?

Bronx Used Cars | Westchester County Preowned Car Dealer

If you’re looking for a quality car at the lowest price with the best service in the White Plains and Bronx area, then look no further than Yonkers Automall. We at Yonkers Automall pride ourselves in providing the best possible customer service in the area. We have been thriving in Yonkers for 10 years and all our business comes from referrals and word of mouth. We are committed to excellent customer service, and our experienced and knowledgeable staff is second to none.

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Save $300 Instantly!

Yonkers Used Car Finance | Bronx Preowned Cars

Save $300 Instantly!

At Yonkers Automall, we’re fully committed to providing the best deal possible for all our customers in the Bronx surrounding area! That’s why when you price your vehicle online, you’ll instantly save $300 off the purchase price. Let’s walk through the NY used car finance process.

First, you’ll want to open up our Yonkers Car Specials pricing tool. We have a number of different criteria you can use to narrow down your search and find the vehicle that’s right for you. You can enter a price range, either based on monthly payments or total cost, a year range, make and model, and body style. You can even explore specific characteristics like MPG, odometer, drivetrain, engine, transmission, equipment, and color.

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Value Your Trade

Bronx Value Your Trade | Yonkers Used Car Finance

At New York Automall in Yonkers, we know every dollar counts in the car buying process. That’s why we’re happy to offer an official Edmunds.com trade-in value configurator on our website. Customers can enter their information and receive an instant estimate of their car’s trade-in value. Here’s how it works.

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Vehicle Trade-In

Bronx Preowned Cars | Yonkers Used Car Finance

Trading in your current vehicle to upgrade to something more suited to you and your lifestyle has many advantages. The cost Bronx Preowned Dealer gives to your trade-in can make the balance you owe on your new Yonkers Preowned Car lower, sometimes significantly, depending on how much it’s worth. This value can go to your purchase, but can also go toward leasing a vehicle as well, with our Yonkers Used Car Finance. Wherever you are coming in from in NY, be it New Rochelle, Mt Vernon, or White Plains, we can make the trade in process very simple for you.

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Yonkers Used Car Finance

Yonkers Used Car Finance | Bronx Preowned Specials

At Yonkers Used Dealer, no matter where you live in New York, you can get pre-qualified for financing online. This is the first step to get the car you’ve always wanted to drive down those great Bronx or Westchester County, NY streets. By completing the short form, you’ll make your time at the dealer quicker and make the process simpler. Use the Yonkers Used Car Finance application and, whether you live in Yonkers, Bronx, or anywhere else, you’ll be that much closer to buying your favorite car.

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Drive at ease with a Carfax Certified Car

Bronx Carfax Certified | Yonkers Used Car Specials

When you are buying a used car in NY, Yonkers Preowned Car Dealer has been in the automotive industry for many years and there are many important factors when you are in search of a Yonkers Used Car Specials inventory. Bronx and White Plains customers have asked important questions when they find a used car in New Rochelle, NY area. Same questions come up such as mechanical, pricing, or reliability. When Yonkers Used Dealer receives a pre-owned car from a trade-in or at auction, our inventory manager and team of mechanics know to search for major mechanical issues.

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