Breaking the Veil on Used Car Myths

MYTH: Clunkers Galore

Just because cars get traded in does not mean that they are defective or inferior in any way. People often trade in pristine vehicles when their lifestyles change, and in turn, are forced to exchange their modes of transportation. Expanding families may opt to swap their reliable sedans for roomier rides such as SUVs or minivans to accommodate evolving needs. Or, perhaps an elderly person owns a car that has only been driven sporadically and maintained impeccably, but he or she must stop driving due to declining health.

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The Advantages of Purchasing Used Cars in Yonkers

If you’re in Yonkers or the surrounding area and are thinking it’s time to purchase a new vehicle, you might feel tempted to look at one that’s fresh off of the assembly line that has the latest and greatest driving assistance features and thrives on performance. However, your income level is more suited for purchasing a used model. While the thought of a “used vehicle” has a negative connotation attached to it, now is the perfect time to opt for a used vehicle instead of a new one. Here’s why…

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Trade-in Your Vehicle at Yonkers Auto Mall

For many consumers, the prospect of getting a new vehicle is one that seems tragically out of reach. At Yonkers Auto Mall, we’re pleased to tell you that this is a simple misconception, even though it’s unfortunately held by many. With the microchip shortage continuing, new vehicles will be produced on a much smaller scale. This means that buying used is one of the most viable options for many at the present time. This means there’s an opportunity for you to have the quality of life you’ve been searching for. As a matter of fact, trading in your current vehicle for a used one of a slightly better quality is a distinct possibility.

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