Used Car Shopping Checklist

With the worldwide microchip shortage hindering production quotas of the major automobile manufacturers, many consumers are turning to used vehicles for their transportation. Many used vehicles are lower in cost and cheaper to insure. This makes them viable options that can fit within the confines of any budget. But before you sign on the dotted line, there are a few items you should look over before any purchase.

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Lifetime Warranty at Yonkers Automall

Three words that can sometimes make misconceptions rear their ugly head are “used car shopping.” Understandably so, for years, there was a stigma attached to the process of shopping for a used car. It was believed that finding one that was affordable and reliable was a next to impossible task, and that salesman of these wares were shoddy at best. However, this stigma had begun to gradually fade away, as there are now laws in place to protect consumers from buying faulty products. At Yonkers Automall, you’ll be impressed with our unique selection and lifetime guarantee. No longer will used car shopping be associated with negativity.

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How Many Miles Should a Used Car Have?

When you’re shopping for pre-owned cars, you will come across countless options. In addition to a wide variety of body styles, makes, and models, you will also find a wide variety of mileage amounts. But how many miles should a used car have?

Your Mileage May Vary

There are no set amount of miles that is most ideal for a pre-owned car. Mileage is just one of the factors that can determine a vehicle’s quality. Some top-quality cars will have over 100,000 miles, while less reliable cars can have under 50,000 miles.

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Buy Your Next Used Car from Yonkers Automall

A lot of car dealers today can be a bit sneaky in trying to get even seasoned drivers who have been on the road for years to buy, finance, or lease new vehicles. And it can be tempting with all the car commercials and fancy no down payments deals. But getting a vehicle pre-owned can be a far better choice both financially and for your driving lifestyle. There are some good perks when it comes to driving a used car off the lot, Yonkers Automall knows all about it.

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