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Finding a good used car is always a dance; lower mileage, better efficiency, best price, and so on. There will always be compromises, but you do have some good choices of used cars with good price points but also having good fuel efficiency and long-term durability. Let’s take a look at a few of them, assuming you have about $10,000 to spend.

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Toyota Highlander

Yes, we mentioned fuel efficiency as a criteria at the start of this article. But the reality of today’s market is many buyers like or need larger vehicles. So we didn’t want to miss a perennial favorite, the Toyota Highlander. It has utility space for cargo and a more powerful engine for heavier loads or towing, but it has a passenger sedan ride. It’s also quite durable, and owners can get 150,000 miles or more with routine maintenance.

Honda CR-V

The Honda line has always been known for being mechanically robust and durable, and the CR-V is no exception. As a compact SUV, it may have a bit less fuel efficiency than a small sedan, but you gain a whole lot of convenient cargo space, additive by putting down the rear seats. Fans also like the fact you sit up a bit higher for better visibility on the road. Look around for CR-V with extra options chosen by their original owners.

Honda Pilot

Another Honda favorite is the mid-size Pilot SUV. The Pilot shares the durability of the CR-V, but with a bigger engine for better off-road or towing capability. Keep in mind you are buying a bigger SUV, so fuel efficiency is not your highest priority versus the convenience of power and utility space.

Mazda3 i

This sedan falls into the good efficiency class when looking at used cars. It has the advantage of being available either as a sedan or hatchback, so you have a model choice. It also has spirited performance, offering some fun. Lots of owners bought them new with leather seating or other premium upgrades, so look around for good deals.

Volkswagen Rabbit

The used Rabbit market is probably stronger outside the USA than here, with a strong European following as an example. Critics may complain of less fuel efficiency than other choices, but the Rabbit is durable and comes as a hatchback for those needing cargo space.

Toyota RAV4

The Highlander’s little cousin is another choice for owners who need more space than a sedan, but not the higher fuel consumption of a full-size SUV. This compact SUV offers good fuel economy, lots of room, and Toyota engineering to keep it going for quite a while.

As with any used vehicle, buyers should ask for maintenance records if buying from a private owner. Get a vehicle history report, often available for free from many dealers. Ask the seller to let you have the vehicle inspected by your favorite mechanic; a refusal might be a warning flag to avoid the deal. And lastly, review the owner’s manual or get one for whichever car you buy, and keep up with the maintenance. Remember that some repairs will cost more as the vehicle ages so keep a repair reserve available to cover future maintenance expenses.

When you are ready to look for your next pre-owned vehicle, come to Yonkers Automall. Choose one from our extensive collection of excellent used cars. Tell us what you are looking for and we will work hard to find it for you!

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