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Gasoline prices will never return to the “good old days”, but will remain high or even go higher depending on world supply and demand. Over the years as prices rose, a lot of myths developed about the best ways to save gas, with your new or used cars, with the key word being myths. Let’s look at some of these urban legends, and try to get some truth connected to these myths.

Myth: Smaller cars get better gas mileage — Perhaps this was true in times past, when the average sedan was a gas-guzzling beast. But today’s cars are very efficient, and larger sedans and even some SUVs get gas mileage ratings that compare favorably with small compact cars. Lighter metals and composites, use of continuously variable transmission, electric motor-driven systems rather than hydraulics, and improved motor technologies all have led to improvements in gas mileage. It’s also important to remember that how you load your vehicle will impact gas mileage, so don’t use your car as a storage bin and carry extra stuff around in the trunk all the time.

Myth: Premium gas gives better mileage than regular — These stories have floated around for a long time, but there is no research to support it. Premium grade gas is required in high-performance engines that use higher compression ratios, and can suffer pre-ignition or “pinging” if a lower grade is used. But if your car’s manufacturer doesn’t require the use of premium, save yourself the money and stick with regular. There is also a huge aftermarket that sells a wide range of additives and accessories that claim to improve gas efficiency. Once again, research doesn’t support that these aftermarket products will do anything other than lighten your wallet, so take a pass and don’t be tempted to use them.

Myth: A manual transmission is needed for maximum gas mileage — This is another carryover from older days, when manual transmissions did offer better gas mileage. Today’s automatic transmissions are optimized for fuel efficiency, and in most cases will provide better mileage than using a manual transmission. Two technologies that have greatly helped are increasing the number of gears in an automatic, increasing use of overdrive for cruising speeds, and more manufacturers moving to continuously variable transmissions to optimize engine speeds and efficiency.

So what can you do to save gas? Here are some common sense tactics to get more mileage from the gas in your tank:

  • Avoid “jackrabbit” starts, by accelerating smoothly and avoiding high speed starts
  • As mentioned above, empty the car of all the stuff you haul around that you don’t need
  • Use air conditioning if needed, but open the windows at lower speeds when the weather is nice
  • On the other hand, you might have better efficiency by using climate control on the highway, since the open windows can increase drag and reduce mileage
  • Keep your tire pressures constant year-round, and avoid over or under inflation
  • Use your cruise control, since the computer can control the speed better than you can, and better speed control uses less fuel
  • If your car has an Eco setting, use it for the best gas mileage
  • High speeds on the highway will waste gas, because the car has to work harder to move through the air, so stick to posted speed limits. Maintaining your speed relative to other traffic will also result in having to brake less often, which will make your brakes last longer

At Yonkers Automall, we want you to get the most value for your dollar, and we have an extensive inventory of highly efficient vehicles for your selection. Come take a look at our preowned car dealer location in Yonkers, and don’t believe all the stories you hear about how to save gas.

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