Don’t Panic When These Happen to Your Car!

It feels awful when your Yonkers vehicle doesn’t start. It’s even a little more worrying when you buy your car used, of course, because any issue immediately seems a bit more mysterious and dire than if the vehicle was new. Don’t panic! Always listen to the sounds your car is making and use that to help you find the issue. Here are some common car issues that you might encounter.

Car Problems in Yonkers

There Are No Sounds or Lights

According to J.D. Power, 44 percent of car owners who find their car to have no sound or lights ultimately find the issue to be caused by battery malfunction. We suggest removing the cables to clean them and then putting them back and trying your engine again. If the car still doesn’t start, your battery is probably dead. Used cars are more affected by this than new ones.

The Lights Go on But There is No Sound

If your lights turn on but you have no sound, then you might have a blown fuse or bad starter (or even bad ignition switch). If it’s a dead battery, have your car jumpstarted. If the car starts up, you’re fine. If it doesn’t, it’s time to take the vehicle in for some professional help.

The Engine Makes A Clicking Sound

Your battery may be weak if your engine clicks. Try turning on your headlights. If they’re bright, your battery is probably okay, and you might want to have the car checked out for other issues.

Your Engine Cranks but Won’t Start

Your engine may be flooded. Press hard on the gas pedal and then start the car. This will expel all the excess fuel.

Used cars have a lot of life left in them and can last for many years if properly maintained. Why not take a look at Yonkers Automall for your next “new” ride? You can find our dealership located at 1716 Central Park Avenue in Yonkers. For more information on our incredible vehicles, visit us today or call 855-700-9198.

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