Emergency Car Kits: What Should Be in Yours

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While driving a car, whether locally in Yonkers NY or across the country, people have to be careful with what is in their emergency car kit. Getting into a wreck can be a very scary situation, especially if it is in an isolated area. But with some preparation, you will feel in control of the situation, if it occurs. A basic emergency kit for the car should include the following tools and items:

For communication:

Adaptable charger for your cell phone, to ensure you have it ready for communication at all times to get in touch with your family, police, and the car insurance agent.

For a stranded car:

Four triangles reflectors to set up around the car’s perimeter. It will alert the drivers of the other cars that you are in need of help.

For first aid:

A first aid kit can save lives while waiting for medical help. The items to carry as first aid are: assorted Band-Aids, adhesive tape, gauge pads, aspirin, antiseptic wipes, antiseptic cream or ointment, Dettol, some cotton, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bug or mosquito repellent, a small pair of scissors, bar of soap, feminine protection etc.

Small tool kit:

One may come across situations where a small tool may come handy. Don’t forget to carry screwdrivers, pliers, vise grips, spanners, adjustable wrenches, tire pressure gauge, hammer, seatbelt cutter etc.

Other items:

A few other miscellaneous items that may help in an emergency are: car’s manual, maps, bandannas, emergency phone numbers noted on hard copy, rain ponchos, sleeping bags, duct tape, spare tire and jack, spare car fuses, umbrella, drinking water in plastic bottles so that they won’t break if frozen, collapsible nylon bag if you ever have to leave your car for safer grounds, whistle, disposable camera, energy bar, juices, dry fruits, candle in deep can, wind up flashlight, multipurpose knife, fire starter (waterproof matches, flint or blast matches), light sticks, plastic tablecloth, LED flashlight or hand lamps, work gloves and fire extinguisher, jumper cables (12 – 20 feet long) etc.

For winter days driving:

If you need to drive your car in winter, then you should add some extra items in your car kit to prepare for any weather accident.

  • Snow Brush
  • A windshield scraper to remove ice and snow from windows
  • Extra clothing and shoes
  • Cat litter for added friction on ice
  • Have shovel to remove snow
  • Extra blanket to keep you and other passengers warm

Make your journey worry-free by carrying the perfect emergency car kit. Once you have your emergency car kit, find your perfect car by visiting us here at Yonkers Automall!

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