Questions for First Time Buyers

It is time for you to ride solo behind the wheel of your very own preowned car and time begin your car shopping experience, but if you are a First Time Car Buyer, there are some questions you should be prepared to ask!

Know before you go. There are a few things to consider prior to stepping foot onto any dealership lot. Ask yourself what do you need from this car? Will it be used for work, practice, or are you preparing to start a family? Knowing what you need from a vehicle will help you narrow down what key elements are most important for you to have in a vehicle.

Budget for comfort. You need to have a budget in mind so you will know what payments you can afford comfortably without stretching yourself too thin. Take a moment to calculate your monthly income. Take out all mandatory monthly payments such as your rent or mortgage, electric bill, cable, water, food and any credit card or loan payments you are currently making. Also calculate any lifestyle expenses that you are used to such as monthly movies, eating out or babysitting fees. What is left over will give you an idea of what you can afford to spend on a monthly car payment.

At this point you can also see where you may want to cut back to afford the vehicle of your choice. Other items to consider having an impact on your monthly expenses will be insurance, registration fees, and gas. Be sure to calculate for routine maintenance and/or unexpected repairs when calculating your budget for the purchase of your vehicle.

You know what you want and why as well as your budget so now it is time to head to the dealership. Some things to Ask at the dealership: request a CARFAX report so you can see the full history of the vehicle. This report will show any past maintenance or accidents. Check the tire treading and ask how deep the tread is because tires are expensive and the last thing you want is to buy a car and then have the expense of replacing the tires! Typically, if the tread is below 3/32 of an inch, you will need to replace them. Be sure to check that everything is working properly: Door locks, windows, stereo, lights, and wipers. And take the car for a test drive to check that the brakes are working properly. Ask about NY preowned car finance options and lending requirements. You want to know what the interest rate is and lock in those monthly payments but you also want to know what warranty is available and determine whether purchasing an extended warranty will be beneficial.

Yonkers Automall has a selection of vehicles and used car financing options to fit all your needs. We will answer all your questions and help you throughout your car buying experience. Buy your car at Yonkers Automall today!

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