First-Time Car Buyer? Tips to Get Through the Process

Buying a vehicle can be a daunting task, especially when doing so for the first time. Between deciding the right kind of vehicle for your needs and sorting out all of the financing, a vehicle purchase is a comprehensive process that demands a high attention to detail. Nonetheless, this process can be streamlined and made smooth if a few simple steps are followed.

Step #1 – Make Time

In the hectic day-to-day dealings of life, it’s tempting to treat all tasks equally and jam them into your schedule wherever they may fit. However, a vehicle purchase is an event that will affect your life for years to come and requires a bit more attention than everyday fare. Carve out a section of your schedule and make time for your purchase, both to do research and preparation as well as the actual buying experience. While it may be difficult to schedule, you will thank yourself for it in the long run.

Tips for First Time Car Buying

Step #2 – Determine Your Budget

Once you’ve made the time, the first thing you need to do is establish how much money you can afford to spend on your purchase. The key factor when making this determination boils down to monthly payments. Once you have settled on a monthly payment, you will be able to calculate the total purchase price you can afford. When you visit the dealer, make sure they understand this number and insist they find a lending solution that meets your needs. This is a payment you will likely have for many years, make sure its one that you can live with.

Step #3 – Understand Your Needs

Once financing and time have been sorted out, you’ll need to figure out what you need and expect from your vehicle. Many variables can come into play, but the most common are carrying capacity and operating expense. Do you need to move many people and their things? Do you need to haul large payloads over uneven terrain? These questions are key to understanding the type of vehicle that you need and knowing the answers beforehand will make it easier to deal with salespeople. Knowing what you need before going to the dealer will help you cut out unnecessary discussion and distraction.

Step #4 – Research

Researching information on vehicles you’re interested in has never been easier, thanks to numerous online sources. From car blogs that discuss the finer points of specific vehicles to reviews by experts, the internet is full of information just waiting for you to tap. While a dealer can certainly help you narrow down your choices, it never hurts to have a few specific vehicles in mind. Even if the dealer in question doesn’t have the specific vehicle you are interested in, knowing what you want will help them find you something comparable or superior to your initial choice.

Step #5 – Test Drive

Last but not least, test drive! Once you have narrowed down your choices, you’ll want to give each of them a drive around the block to ensure the vehicle meets with your expectations. Not only is this a critical step in the car buying process, but it’s also a fun one as well!

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