Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

As the fall season prepares to slip away and the cold winter months rapidly approach, one chore that is often overlooked is that of preparing your car or truck for the coming weather and temperature changes. The team at Yonkers Automall want you to know what area of your automobile needs to be inspected before the last season of the year:

Pre Owned Cars Winter Ready near the bronx


If your battery is on its last leg, then the sudden drop in temperature will be sure to finish it off. Studies have suggested that up to one in four car batteries are in need of replacement and could die at any time.

Wiper Blades

Most windshield wipers are already in poor condition once winter rolls around anyway, and trying to get another three months out of them in the freezing rain is probably not the best idea.


The next two on the list can literally mean the difference between life and death when out on the roads in sub-optimal conditions. Brake pads and systems need to be in tip-top shape this time of year.


Just as essential is your vehicle’s tires. Have the air levels, tread, and balance checked before the end of autumn.

Coolant Level

Antifreeze and other engine lubricants and coolants are vital to maintaining your vehicle’s health and performance during wintertime. Make sure that they are all topped off properly.

But what if the car you are driving now is beyond “winter-prep”? What if it’s just time for something newer and in better shape? Well, that’s even easier; let the great folks at Yonkers Automall show you around their incredible selection of the late model and low mileage vehicles.

You will find this impressive inventory at 1716 Central Park Ave. in Yonkers, NY 10710. Or you could simply give them a call at 855-700-9198 if you don’t have the time to stop by. Either way, they would be glad to help you with any questions you have.


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