How Does a Car Trade-in Work?

Trading in your current vehicle to help finance a new one is a fantastic way to go out with the old and in with the new. Trade-ins may be confusing to first timers though, but no worries. Read on for a better understanding how to trade in your vehicle is simple and easy.

westchester county vehicle trade in

You want to be sure you’re getting the most possible money for your current vehicle when you trade it in. To achieve optimal value, be sure your car is clean. Dispose of any trash that has accumulated in your car and wipe down any major dirt or stains on the interior and exterior to provide a quality first impression to the dealership. You’ll also want to provide maintenance records when you visit a dealership. Services, such as Carfax, can make your vehicle’s history easy to access and share. If you have taken exceptional care of your car, dealerships will be confident in giving your vehicle a high value.

Next, we recommend you look for a way to appraise your car’s value. At Yonkers Automall, our online trade-in estimator is free, quick and easy. In just 30 seconds, you can learn your car’s approximate trade-in value. Simply share with us the year, make, model, trim level, mileage and condition of your vehicle, as well as some additional information, and we will provide you with our estimate.

Once you have your car appraised, either by us or by a service such as CarMax, you can seal the deal. It is recommended that you negotiate your trade-in separately from your new car purchase, but by conversing with the professionals at our auto dealership, you can easily trade-in your old vehicle for something brand new to you.

So if you’re looking to trade-in your current vehicle, look no further than Yonkers Automall. We will make the process quick and easy, so what are you waiting for? Pay us a visit at 1716 Central Park Ave in Yonkers, New York today!

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