Keeping Your Pre-Owned Car Clean During Covid-19

Covid-19 lives on surfaces for long periods of time and this has informed the stance of different health organizations and companies on how to keep surfaces well cleaned and properly taken care of in order to prevent further spread. The mobility business is not left out in this careful watch so we bring you different ways to keep your pre-owned car clean during this pandemic.

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How to:

Use a good leather cleaning material for the upholstery in your pre-owned car if it is covered with leather or leatherette material. Leather and leatherette are prone to tear and wear from hard cleaning.

On the other hand, if the upholstery in your pre-owned car is covered with cloth material, you should pay mind to the water content in your cleaning liquid. This is to avoid pooling of water on specific spots which could lead to a long-lasting smell.

Do not clean with any cleaning liquid that contains any of these ingredients: bleach, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients are not combat-ready to halt the spread of the virus in your car if it has come in contact with it during your grocery run.

Embrace cleaning liquid with a minimum of 70% alcoholic content to ensure that the virus gets killed (fact check: hand sanitizers with high alcohol concentration have helped in the fight against Covid-19; apply the same thought process here).

Make lather from soap and water. Then, use it to clean the different surfaces in your car via a scrubbing process. Electrical and technology equipment like your multimedia system should be carefully cleaned around to prevent lather from getting into them and ruining their functionality or durability down the line.

If you need professional caretaking of your pre-owned car during this pandemic, Yonkers Automall is available at 1716 Central Park Ave, NY 10710. Call 855-700-9198 to book a virtual appointment.


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