Millennials Should Buy Used Cars; Here’s Why

The millennial generation is currently the young professional generation. If you’re a millennial, you are likely starting your career or establishing yourself in an industry. If you have a job to go to every day, you need a car. When it comes to shopping for a car, millennials should consider used vehicles. Used vehicles are priced affordably, so millennials can make room in their budget to get behind the wheel of a vehicle they deserve.

Millennial buying used car

The millennial generation has it tough when it comes to finances. Their median income is down by as much as 21 percent, they are earning less than their parents did, they have a lower average net worth, they have 34 percent less family wealth than their previous counterparts held at the same age, and so on. If you’re a millennial struggling with your finances, a used car can help you save money.

Value is important when it comes to buying a car. You want a car with a high value, which won’t depreciate. A vehicle that depreciates quickly in value won’t be worth nearly as much as you paid for it when it comes time to sell or trade. To get behind the wheel of a vehicle that won’t depreciate in value, buy used. A brand new vehicle loses its value as soon as it drives off the lot. On the other hand, a used vehicle’s value only lowers slightly when you purchase it, meaning you can one day sell the vehicle at a price that is more closely related to the price you paid for it.

One of the best ways to get a deal on your vehicle purchase is to buy a used vehicle that is less than five years old. These cars are usually lightly driven, well cared for, and more affordable than a brand new vehicle. Also, their value does not depreciate as much as a brand new vehicle.

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