Should You Fix Your Car Or Trade It?

The big question is this! Chiefly when you are stuck between replacing another component and being cash-strapped. Underneath this big question are deeper questions like “How much do I have to save?” “How many months do I have to save if I decide to trade this in instead of fixing it?” and more.

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The Yonkers Automall team thinks that choosing to trade in your used car leaves you with an either/or scenario: either you use the money from the trade-in to buy another used car or if the trade-in fund is not enough, you hoard money again and again until you have enough to get another car; it is a dilemma, really. But there is an easy way out.

Fixing your used car can come cheaper than a used car you buy after a trade-in. Say you expect $12,300 from the sales; that is your valuation but market valuation differs. You could get in on the sales and get $9,790 as an offer price which cuts you short by $2,510. Then you have to begin making a list for things to forgo just to make up for the short.

You are already aware of how much depreciation happens on cars – then, how much more a used car which has been driven by someone else or two other people and then, you? You are certainly going to get way less cash than you expected on this one.

It comes with less hassle: your used car is broken, you drive it down to the dealership and you fix the faulty motor and that seals that repair. But if you had to trade in, you have to research what dealership is interested or list it online.

Trading your used car is not just a more effective and efficient way in theory. Practically, we solve that problem for you at 1716 Central Park Avenue, NY 10710. On the phone, you can call us on 855-700-9198 to talk about what you need to bring to trade your car in today.


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