Six Reasons to Learn to Driving Stick in Yonkers, NY

Learning to drive a stick shift may seem unnecessary, considering less than 3 percent of new cars and trucks are made with a manual transmission, but this skill is actually valuable to have to this day. If you are considering learning to drive stick, or are teaching your child to drive, the following six points are just some of the reasons to learn how to drive a stick.

1. It’s fun

Manual transmissions require the driver to be in complete control. This allows those behind the wheel to feel a greater connection to the vehicle, which contributes to an exhilarating feeling.

Stick Shift Manual Transmission

2. It’s handy

You simply never know when you will have to drive a stick. Maybe you’re moving and the only available vehicle is a stick shift, or perhaps you’re friend needs you to drive their car, but the vehicle is a stick shift. It is best to know how to drive a stick shift if a rare instance occurs.

3. It’s potentially more affordable

When shopping for a new vehicle, some manual transmission cars, trucks, and SUVs cost less. Save as much as $1,200 by purchasing a stick shift vehicle.

4. It’s potentially more fuel-efficient

Even though it’s not true for all vehicles, many manual transmission cars are capable of achieving better gas mileage than their automatic transmission competitors.

5. It requires more focus

With smartphones, drivers are more likely to get distracted when behind the wheel than ever before. Manual transmission vehicles require more attention, focus, and free hands than an automatic. It is a good idea to teach your teen to drive a stick shift to prevent them from using their cell phone when behind the wheel.

6. It’s a transferable skill

Learning to drive a stick shift car or truck is very similar to riding a motorcycle or ATV. All three of these vehicles have left and right foot controls, so learning to drive a stick shift can help with motorcycle or ATV driving as well.

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