Steps for Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car comes with the territory of getting spoiled for choice but at the end of the day, a choice has to still be made – a choice you can not just live with but drive as well. So how do you make that choice? Yonkers Auto Mall has some ideas.

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#1: Create a budget and a list of the cars you would like to purchase; a list of 3 or 5 is recommended so that you do not get confused when making the final selection. Based on this list, tweak your budget to match the used car market value of these cars (leave a slack for your budget though because inflation or other reasons could increase the price and have you topping your budget with extra dollars).

#2: Cross-check the prices on your list with the prices on used car sales outlets like independent auto sales outlet and C2C websites where individuals list their used cars for sale to meet various needs: money needs, upgrade needs, etc. Then select the used car that matches your budget.

#3: Look up the Vehicle History Report through the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). It is important to know the mileage, the repairs done so far on the car, where the car has been, the extent of damage it has suffered in its lifetime and other expository findings before committing your funds to it. A Vehicle History Report tells you these things you need to know and many more.

#4: Speak with the seller and ask probing questions to know why the car is up for sale – mechanical reasons or personal reasons or other reasons? Find out why. When satisfied with the answers, schedule a test drive appointment; this appointment ensures you are satisfied with the physical state of the car (tires check, engine plus hood check, AC check, steering wheel check, seats check, mirrors check, headlights check, indicators check, gear check, brake check, accelerator check, et al.) After your test drive and check, an auto mechanic should have a second look at it with/through professional eyes.

#5: After an auto mechanic has checked and confirmed that you are good to go, settle on a win-win price with the seller. The next step after a deal has been agreed on is to read the paperwork (before signing) to ensure that the title and registration has been transferred to you by the seller (specifically ask for the “pink slip”). Done deal!

#Bonus: Have your insurance done and handy before you drive your purchased car away from the lot or seller’s house/office.

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