Tax Season is Auto Season at Yonkers Automall!

Tax season is upon us, and all of us here at Yonkers Automall couldn’t be more excited because that means auto season is here! Cash in that check from Uncle Sam and then come see us for your upgraded new ride! Investing your refund in a previously owned vehicle is a fantastic way to get the most bang for your buck and you can always rest assured that we only carry the highest quality pre-owned cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.

Yonkers Used Car Financing

Used vehicles are a genius way to get a new ride without breaking the bank. As long as you’re investing in a well-cared for car it will last you for years to come while maintaining affordability. Your tax refund can work as a perfect down payment, lowering the amount of money you’d have to borrow from the bank to make the purchase. Alternatively, you can save that extra money to put towards each of your payments.

Used vehicles also generally require much mower monthly loan payments than a brand new car. The original buyer already took that depreciation hit so you won’t have to! That means you can get a newer make and model that just happens to have some miles on it.

Purchasing a vehicle that was built within the last ten years or so also guarantees that you’re investing in one that will last. They’re built to run for years to come as long as they’re well-maintained, so we personally believe that used is always best! If you’re ready to swap out your car, get in touch with Yonkers Automall today at 855-700-9198. We can help you figure out what you’re able to afford and what the best plan of action is for using your tax refund. Check out our online inventory or stop by to see our impressive inventory. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect vehicle!

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