Three Benefits of Buying a Used Car in the Bronx

Everyone enjoys getting a vehicle, but a great deal of focus is placed on new cars. However, purchasing a used automobile in Yonkers can produce several tangible benefits as well. Let’s take a look at a few.

Buying a Used Car in Yonkers


Let’s face it, cost is King. No matter your aspirations or your desires, your ultimate decision must always ask the opinion of your checkbook. Used automobiles take some of the pressure off of that decision because they are invariably cheaper. It’s a common adage that vehicles lose value the minute they leave the lot for the first time and there is no reason you should have to pay for that difference.


Car insurance is often the ‘hidden cost’ associated with owning a vehicle. While monthly payments are readily calculated and discussed, insurance premiums can often blindside even the savviest of buyers. The good news is that premiums on used vehicles are almost always lower, which helps defray the overall monthly cost of owning the vehicle. Additionally, many coverages become optional when you own a vehicle outright and that can lower your insurance overhead even further.


Its a fact of life that most things depreciate in value over time, eventually becoming less valuable than they once were. New vehicles are a prime example of this phenomenon, dropping in value by nearly 10% in the first year alone. By purchasing a used car, even one that is only a year or so old, you can avoid such a large drop in equity.

No matter your concern, we here at Yonkers Automall are confident that we can address it. Our extensive inventory of used vehicles and world-class sales staff are guaranteed to make your buying experience one of a kind. We are located in Westchester County, on Central Avenue in Yonkers, come on by and take a look!

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