Tips for Driving in the Snow

Winter has definitely hit in the New York area, whether you are ready for it or not. Many native New Yorkers are used to driving in the snow and ice, but if you are new to the area, or you need a refresher course, here are some things you need to remember about winter driving.

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Driving in Winter

Your first step is to make sure that your tires are properly inflated. Be sure that your tires have sufficient tread on them, and they are inflated to the level in your owner’s manual. If you are not sure that your tires have enough tread, you can always check. You can use a penny to check. Put the penny on the Abraham Lincoln side, face down. If you can see Abraham Lincoln’s head, you need to buy a new tire. The more tread you have on your tires, the better your tires will do on snow and ice.

Next, be sure that your car is ready for the ice. You’ll want to have deicing fluid or an ice scraper in your car during the winter. You also need to think about bringing a winter emergency kit with you in the car. This kit should include a bag of kitty litter or rock salt, a blanket, and some food and water. That way, you’re prepared if you get stuck for a while.

Finally, check your antifreeze levels. You will want to have enough antifreeze so that your cars will start perfectly no matter how cold it gets in New York City. While you’re checking your antifreeze levels, check and change your oil as well. That way, your whole car is prepared for winter driving.

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