Sound Advice on Trading in Your Used Car

Most folks own a car for years before they trade in, even maybe develop an emotional attachment. Let’s be honest, a lot of living takes place in our cars these days. Trading in your car, though, is an economic decision and should only be done after a thorough and dispassionate effort to get the most in trade for that closing chapter of your life.

First, know the documents you’ll need. New York has its own inspection and emission requirements that will have to be certified to the dealer before any trade-in transaction. And know that the more recent the better, your transaction could take longer if the dealer has to verify soon-to-expire testing.

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You should also make sure to know what other dealers would pay for a similar car at auction. Because many dealers find their used cars this way, at wholesale, check out the National Automobile Dealers Association’s Appraisal Guide to find what your make, model, and year of car is estimated to be worth.

Appraising your car will be a lot simpler if you’re familiar with any of your car’s special features and if you’ve maintained perfect maintenance records and newly upgraded or replaced engine parts.

You should also consider your car’s mileage and condition as well as the fuel economy and your geography. Convertibles may not resale as highly in N.Y. for example as they would in Arizona. With that in mind, understand that the weather itself can have an impact on your trade-in. A four-wheel drive vehicle will probably trade better in January, and that convertible will almost certainly do better come spring. Remember, its a quick turnaround on your used car that most dealers want.

Finally, you should definitely not bring your car around for discussion in anything other than it’s best possible condition. Clean, shiny, finished and polished will do more for you than you think as a selling point. Which isn’t to say overdo it, however. Although a $15 dollar wash will almost certainly pay for itself, a $200 detailing may not. For additional questions and advice, stop in or call Yonkers Automall at (855) 700-9198. We have high-quality vehicles at lower prices to fit any budget!

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