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We’ve all been there – your car’s getting on in years, feeling a bit run-down, or is just plain on its last leg. It’s time to trade in. A preowned car trade-in constitutes what most would agree is the best way to go about swapping an old set of wheels for a brand-spanking new set. If you’ve ever traded in your used vehicle or are planning to do so, you’re well-aware that there are plenty of benefits involved. Take a look at just a few of the many reasons why you should trade in your used vehicle.

  • Lower the Price of a New Set of Wheels
    • Trading in your old vehicle can help to offset the cost of your new ride. Whether you’re looking to purchase or lease, you can put the net value of your trade-in towards the balance of your new vehicle.
  • Lower Additional Costs
    • There are a lot of costs associated with selling your old car. Refurbishment, inspection, repairs, for sale listings – it all adds up. Trading-in your used vehicle means you’ll avoid extra expenses.
  • Insurance Relief
    • Trading-in your old vehicle means getting it off your insurance policy. A vehicle not traded in is still on the street, which equates to extra money put into your insurance.
  • Save Yourself a Headache or Two
    • Selling a vehicle as a private party seller is no small feat. Placing classified ads, meeting prospective buyers, having deals fall through – it all costs you time, money, and sanity.
  • Bargaining Chip
    • You can definitely use the value of your trade-in to your advantage when purchasing a new vehicle. If you’re considering buying from a dealer’s lot, your trade-in can become your bargaining chip. Use your old car as leverage to provide some sticker shock relief when negotiating the price of your new vehicle.

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