Virtual Appointments & Delivery on Pre-Owned Vehicles

We know the fear of contracting Covid-19 has left many of you reluctant to go anywhere. We understand that fear, because we have families of our own, and none of us wants to get the virus. If you are social distancing because of the coronavirus, and you need a car, we can help. Let us take a few minutes to talk to you about virtual appointments and delivery on your next used car.

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Why Social Distancing Is So Important

New York has been particularly hard hit by the novel coronavirus. In order to make sure that hospitals don’t become saturated with extreme patients, health officials are telling us to stay at home. By staying at home in quarantine with our immediate family, we are able to reduce the number of cases that are still out there. If you do go out, you need to keep your distance from other people. Researchers have found that if you stay at least 6 feet from the next person to keep the virus from spreading. The farther away you are from people, the less likely you will get sick from the coronavirus. We know that you don’t want to get sick, and you want others to get sick as well. That’s why keeping your social distance from friends and relatives is so important.

Our New Services

You may need a car, but you may not want to meet with a salesperson to find and buy your car. We understand. In order to receive our Covid-19 services, you just need to do a little online shopping, in our online catalog, and decide which car is the perfect car for you. Once you fill out an initial interest form, we will be able to help you decide how to move to the next level. We can schedule a virtual tour for you. We can also bring the car to your house for you to have a look at it. We can offer you a hands-off delivery within a paperless environment. There are many ways you can have a look at your car, and all of the paperwork can be filled out online to minimize contact.

Ready to have some great self-service for your next car? We can help! Give Yonkers Automall a call at 855-700-9198. You can also come over and see us at 1716 Central Park Avenue, New York. Let us help you find the next used car of your dreams. Give us a call today.


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