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Not only is Yonkers Automall dedicated to bringing you the best prices and deals in the area, we’re also dedicated to helping you with your vehicle in any way we can. Whether its appraising your car, performing a check-up, or helping you decide whether you should buy or lease, we’ll do our best to service you. This helpfulness extends to our website. There, we have an extended NY Tips and Tools page that lists different Frequently Asked Questions and answers for car buying and repair.

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Our comprehensive FAQs address inquiries related to financing, insurance, service, parts, and trade-ins. Do you want to know what kind of accessories we have for your car? Maybe you want to learn how loan rates are determined? No need to call or visit, our FAQ answers all this and more. If you still need help after reading and browsing our answers, then feel free to contact us.

Right now, most of our online visitors are researching the difference between lease and loan payments, whether warranties cover all maintenance costs, and why you should trade in your current car. Firstly, loan payments contribute to the eventual ownership of the vehicle while lease payments only apply to the short-term use of the car. Next, warranties don’t cover all maintenance costs, because the owner usually pays for scheduled service charges. Lastly, trading in your current car towards another will partially offset the cost of the newer vehicle, lowering the cost.

These questions and more are answered in depth on our Tips and Tools page, available online 24/7. You may also contact us online or call our Bronx pre-owned car dealer.

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