Winter Tires are Worth It

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Here in New York, we’re no strangers to winter storms bringing heavy snow and icy roads. However, no matter how many years you’ve spent navigating cold winters in your Yonkers vehicle, it’s always best to prepare as much as possible for icy terrain. We decided to highlight the importance of winter tires and let some of you skeptics know just how much they can actually help you get around safely every year during the colder months.

We’ve found that most drivers don’t really think about their tires until an issue like a flat or low pressure pops up. We feel that it’s better to prevent issues rather than try to fix them after the fact. Good tires mean you’ll have much more control when you’re driving, meaning you’ll be able to handle braking, accelerating, and steering much more confidently. Summer tires, all-season tires, and winter tires are not created equal, literally. They each have different compounds and four winter tires will help you to slow down and stop much more easily on snow and ice.

Not only should you inquire about compounds when choosing your winter tires, but you need to know about the tread design as well. The little impressions in your tires that look like zigzags are called sipes, and the depressions are known as micro-pumps. The sipes and micro-pumps on winter tires are designed to be able to handle snow and ice better than other tires.

If you’re still on the fence, consider how many days a year it snows here. We get a lot of heavy winter storms and it’s easy to skid on snow and black ice, but visibility can be limited in snowstorms as well. You want to be able to maintain full control of your vehicle at all times to avoid accidents and collisions, and winter tires greatly improve your ability to slow down and stop safely, keeping you and everyone else on the road a little safer.

Here at Yonkers Automall, we can help take care of all your used vehicle needs. Safety and quality are of just as much concern for us as we know they are for you, so stop on by today and talk to us about all the great vehicles we have in stock!

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